3D Characters and New Illustrations

Lately I’ve been learning the ins and outs of 3D video character design, and although it’s a lot of work and very time consuming I’m starting to get the hang of it!, and I’m only half way through my 3rd character! I’ve got my second character on display in a new gallery here. He’s a character I designed myself named: Book Imp. Designed as a low res character, with the level of detail you would find in a MMO or mobile game.

As the title suggests I also have new illustrations, two in fact. The first is Call To The Wild an image of a dragon that began life as a random sketch. The second new entry is called Chasing The Dream. This one was done for the Pinhole zine when I was recently invited to contribute to the next publication that is not yet published. Click here if your interested to discover more about the Pinhole zine and their unique view of the world.

Below are direct links to posters and prints of my latest illustrations.

Call to the Wild

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